The camera will generates a WiFi signal for sending high-resolution images from a microscope to WiFi-enabled devices such as smartphones, tablets, and computers with iOS, Android, OS X, Linux and Windows operating systems, streaming images to up to six devices simultaneously.
The camera includes life-long free images software for quantifying, measuring, and annotating images and for using with an interactive white board. It also works with the free, downloadable Toupviewt app for viewing, capturing, and editing images.

Sensor&Size(mm): 1080P/IMX222(C) 1/2.8 (5.383.02) 
Pixel(um): 2.82.8
G Sensitivity Dynamic Range SH Ratio: 510mV with 1/30s  0.15mv with 1/30s 
FPS/Resolution: 25@ 19201080
Binning: 11 
Exposure: 0.059ms-1941ms

Key Features

Practical Measurement Video microscope. Easy operation in Industry, PCB fixing, checking field
Streams images to several devices simultaneously
Ultra-FineTM color engine with perfect color reproduction capability

Technical Specifications

Standard magnification: 18X-115X
Optional magnification:9X-58X;36X-230X
Standard effective working distance: 110mm
Standard field of view: 16mm(X)-9mm(X)
Selection field of view: 32mm(X)-18mm(X)
Monitor: max 6 device available
Input voltage: 100V-240V
Lighting system: LED Ring lighting
Standard base size: 260mm(X)-320mm(X)